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The timing could not have been better! Our music from the new album has managed to attract the attention of Believe Digital, a major international online music distributor encompassing artist and label services.

The “Wandering” album and future music will be promoted worldwide by Believe Digital, a company with offices in all key markets.

If you attended Luxembourg's Sonic Visions festival at the Rockhal, you probably already know about Believe Digital, an important contributor the conferences, and it was during the festival in November last year the good news was given to us.

So now we are very pleased to announce that a contract was finally signed at the end of January this year.

Together we are extremely proud and pleased upon receiving the news as it gives us a great opportunity to expand into international markets.

Although the promotion package includes worldwide distribution, first focus for us and Believe Digital will be the GSA (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) markets.

For more information, visit Believe Digital websites:

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